Leasing Information

Call us at 734.663.5609 with any questions you have about leasing.


To make an appointment to view a unit, please call us the day before you would like to see the unit. This will give us time to notify the current tenants.


  • Leases starting in May can be signed beginning September 10th of the previous year.
  • Leases starting in September can be signed beginning November 10th of the previous year.

Wait List

Before the lease dates you may be placed on our waiting list for a specific property. To be placed on a wait list, a $1000.00 deposit is required, which can be paid with one check or with cash.

  • If the current tenants do not sign a new lease by the above dates, the first person on the wait list will have one(1) day to sign a lease or forfeit the wait list deposit.
  • If the first person on the wait list does not sign a lease, the second person on the wait list has one(1) day to sign a lease or the deposit is forfeited.
  • All wait list deposits not forfeited or used towards security deposits will be returned to the individual who put down the deposit.

After these dates you may sign a lease at any time. To give people time to collect funds for the security deposit you may put down an initial deposit of $1000.00 and pay the balance of the security deposit when you sign the lease. This must be done within one week of putting down the initial deposit.

If a lease is not signed within one week, the initial deposit is forfeited.

Security Deposit

A security deposit equal to 1 ½ times the monthly rent is due at the time of the lease signing. The initial or wait list deposit goes towards the security deposit.

At Copi Properties:

  • There are no application fees.
  • There are no cleaning fees.
  • We do not require cosigners.

Leases are signed at our office at 1207 Packard Suite N-2, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48104. To make an appointment to sign a lease or to put down a wait list or initial deposit, call us at 734.663.5609.